Launching an Effort to Support a Third Mode of Transportation in Gaithersburg

Bike to Work Day 2013

We started Bike Kentlands Lakelands this spring to support neighborhood bicycling for everyday purposes and show that bicycling was not just something you did for recreation.  We have been gratified by the support from so many individuals in the community.   Folks who had been cycling for a long time told us how much this group was needed and those who rarely or never biked told us how inspired they were by the effort.  Several folks we know dusted off or purchased new bicycles and started using their bikes for everyday activities.  We also met many folks from nearby communities with interests similar to ours.  They wanted to support similar efforts in their own neighborhoods and connect their efforts to ours.  We started to think we needed a larger forum to share ideas and build further support for a bicycle friendly community.  Thus, we have decided to launch Bike Gaithersburg.

The effort will be similar to Bike Kentlands and Lakelands with the goal to create safe spaces for bicycling within neighborhoods and then connecting them to the larger paths and efforts in Gaithersburg and surrounding communities and trials.  We will hold regular rides to demonstrate that how bicycles belong and support everyday activities.  We hope to see you soon and hope you will join us in this effort.

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