MCBAG – A Voice in the County

I had the privilege to present to the Montgomery County Bicycle Action Group this past Thursday. The group is sponsored by the county and provides a voice for the bicycle community with the County transportation department. I was invited to present the work in progress of Bike Gaithersburg. It was wonderful to meet so many passionate advocates. It also was good to know that there is a place to connect the work in Gaithersburg with crucial infrastructure in the County.

I summarized the progress to date from Kidical Mass to advocating for the bike master plan and the upcoming rodeo. It was interesting to hear the past hurdles faced by folks and the energy they still bring to working through them. They advised to keep networking and help bring others who are interested together.

The meeting included a discussion of Nebel St bike lanes after my presentation. It was an interesting debate between a door zone lane and the feasibility of a cycle track. Same widths but very different results on the street. The street has no cross intersections so conflicts would be minimal for engineering of a cycle track. Yet, the bike lane of course was more well known and therefore more quickly feasible.

It will be good to connect with MCBAG and learn more over time. I also met the founder of MoBike who was very interested in the support we could bring to each other’s groups. I will write a guest post summarizing my presentation for MoBike. It was great to connect with so many folks.

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