City of Gaithersburg Bike Master Plan – Existing, Planned, and Gaps

Gaithersburg Bike Network Full

The City of Gaithersburg is working to implement its bike master plan starting in May.  While it is mostly a series of sharrows (share the lane markings) and a few bike lanes on the northeast side of the City, it is a excellent start.  How does this new bike infrastructure connect with the rest of the bike paths and regional bike lanes and shared used paths?  Where are the gaps and where might it make sense for the City to expand its network.  Bike Gaithersburg has put together a comprehensive map of the existing and planned routes, as well as marked the gaps on google maps (,-77.1820021,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1szHmfm4tQd1Tg.khvTIl-1Zi8k).  Click view original map to view and interactive version.

Where else would you like to see bicycle lanes, shared use paths, and maybe even a cycle track?

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