Petition: Protected Bike Lanes (Cycle Tracks) in Gaithersburg

The size of the City of Gaithersburg makes it an ideal candidate for bicycling.  Almost 50% of residents and workers live within 10 miles of their place of work, allowing them to bicycle to their destination often in under 30 minutes.  We applaud the efforts of the City of Gaithersburg to implement its bike master plan.  

As the master plan is completed this year, it is time to look at ways to build upon it with innovative, low stress bicycle infrastructure (protected bike lanes).  Cycle tracks (protected bike lanes) have transformed cities for people who ride bicycles in many places, including 15th St. and Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC.  Each street has seen dramatic increases in people riding once the protected lanes was installed.  Studies have shown an increase in business and safety in several places.  Sharrows and standard bike lanes are reasonable on lower volume streets.  Cycle tracks are the next step in making a stronger bicycle network.

Specifically, the following streets should be examined for protected bike lanes: East Diamond from Old Town to Washington Grove and West Deer Park from Muddy Branch to Bohrer Park path entrance.  In addition, Kentlands Boulevard, Ellington and Rio Blvd should be examined for low stress bicycle connections through these vibrant retail areas using a combination of protected bike lanes and shared use paths.

The City of Gaithersburg can support these connections while increasing the safety of all road users.

Sign our petition to show your support add the next generation of bike infrastructure in Gaithersburg.

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